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Fast forward to 2020 and messaging apps are an integral part of our lives. We’ve been through online chats and communicators like ICQ, AIM and MSN Messenger. They required desktop programs to connect people, so when more convenient solutions appeared, people quickly started to move to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. You just need an app for your smartphone to chat or call your peers – and when using a laptop, you don’t even need to install anything.

For a complete rundown of CometChat’s text features supported by the Flutter SDK, along with additional resources to get you up and running with your Flutter chat app, check out our Flutter documentation. Visit the Groups Section in our Flutter documentation to learn more about the various Groups features our SDK supports and several methods you can implement to suit your specific use-case. You can either maintain it at your end or use the getLastDeliveredMessageId() method provided by the CometChat class. This ID needs to be passed to the setMessageId() method of the builder class. Now using the fetchNext() method, you can fetch all the messages that were sent to the user when they were offline. CometChat’s Flutter SDK supports single sign-on, so your users only need to login to your app and they will be automatically authenticated with CometChat.

What is a Cross Platform Mobile App?

Also, a bot can chat with hundreds or even thousands of clients at the same time. Modern AI algorithms are exceptionally receptive and can be programmed to have an almost people-like attitude. You understand now why many businesses might want to benefit from such technological facilitation. Security and privacy are especially important when building a critical mobile app for business, for example, banking and e-commerce apps that include a payment system. According to OWASP Mobile Top 10, among the most critical security risks for mobile applications are insecure data storage, authentication, and authorization. Xamarin is supported by many contributors across the globe and is especially popular among C, C++, and C# developers who create mobile applications.

Optimizes for consistent UI cross-platform, at expense of platform-specific capabilities and look-and-feel . But has Cupertino widgets for iOS look-and-feel, to alleviate that. Could also use flutter_platform_widgets that automatically selects the UI widget’s look-and-feel according to the mobile platform .

Set Conversation Type

The use of a single source code when creating a mobile app makes it possible to repurpose it on different platforms. Initially, building a backend that ensured compatibility across different platforms was difficult and expensive, but that has changed because mobile app developers have more than one option. This approach is best suited where business functionality is straightforward and a short time to market is the goal.

The chat feature in a service like that would have to be at least able to compete, so plain text exchange will simply not cut it. All that means billions of various types of server requests are processed instantly. Thinking a $30 chat template would be able to do that efficiently and without glitches is an exceptionally farfetched assumption. In times where we frequently recommend something to each other, the ability to share the location of a newly opened store or the best restaurant in town is a must. Also, people often use a messaging app like WhatsApp to arrange meetings and they want to give their contacts the exact place for simple navigation.


Take the time to pick the framework where you are going to build your cross platform application. Reliability is paramount when deciding on a cross platform framework. Ask about the features offered, technical support and maintenance before paying for any cross platform development tools.

How build a cross-platform messaging app

When you go with a one-size fits all solution, you spend your time debugging the IDE which boils down to trivia–you either know the issue or you don’t or you keep googling until you do. When you develop natively for each platform, at least you spend your time learning a new language and bang your head against less frustrating problems. Write once run anywhere for iOS and Android is still too good to be true. I’ll invest the time latter, in life, to learn each individual SDK. After you’ve started with your chat app, and all your code and other dependencies are compatible with Mac Catalyst, all you need to do is to select Mac as a device in Deployment Info in your primary target.

Step 6: Testing and App Store Approvals

While company-wide initiatives increase adoption of Teams among Microsoft and Windows users, there are always going to be pockets of Slack users who thrive in their own tool. Recognizing this, all of Microsoft, Slack, Webex, and Zoom have publicly stated their support for cross-platform collaboration. Throughout the 2000s and most of the 2010s, cross-platform messaging has been improbable at best. That means you can send a message from Microsoft Teams and it gets sent to your colleagues who use Slack.

How build a cross-platform messaging app

An especially promising alternative for those that care greatly about performance and SSR/SEO on Web. It is not impossible to overcome Flutter’s limitations with the combination of Astro for SSR and content. Furthermore the webapp can be deployed to a different path which is excluded from indexing.

How do you delete your Threads account?

Consider the three options below with your requirements for cost, performance, and scalability in mind. Beyond coding languages themselves, a number of protocols and frameworks have been developed specifically to support chat functionality and reduce the manual labor required to build that functionality. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the following technologies and make informed decisions about which to integrate with your build.

Every OS has its functionalities and features which control their behaviors. You can’t always be sure about how a particular platform multi messenger platform development is going to respond with your cross platform app. Go through the user interface guidelines for every platform to learn more.

What is Instagram’s Threads app? All your questions answered

Further, the team created the internal protocol to support communication with end-to-end encryption. Its developers believe that the Linux system is more bug-creating, which is a somewhat debatable statement. It’s cost-effective.The cost depends on the location of the developers. For example, the most expensive outsource developers are in America and the cheapest are in India. How to approach Cross Platform Testing What is Cross Platform Testing?

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