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Immediately after that, we look for a point where the bar features the low before price exits the oversold zone. The best combination of technical indicators is between the DeM indicator and the On Balance Volume. Let’s see what the best combination of technical indicators are so you can incorporate the Demarker indicator. If you want to go one step forward, you can only use the very extreme situations, the 0 and 1.0 levels to identify oversold/overbought readings.

You may want to open a open a demo account, and start using this simple, but effective trading strategy. The DeMarker indicator, or DeM, is a technical tool deployed by traders to measure the demand for the underlying asset. DeM is designed to compare the most recent maximum and minimum prices to the previous period’s equivalent price. This way, DeMarker helps you identify the directional bias of the market and potential changes in the trend direction. As other technical indicators, it is best used in combination with other tools. The DeMarker or “DeM” indicator is another member of the “Oscillator” family of technical indicators.

Indicator TD DeMarker II

You can employ this indicator in technical analysis and draw the common patterns and trend lines. A strong momentum, marked with a red arrow, draws the indicator beyond the triangle, which means that the market lost balance and started moving in the bullish trend. The buy and sell signals of this indicator work under the same conditions as for the TD DeMarker I, so, I won’t enumerate them again. I have already many times mentioned that, if multiple buy or sell signals are at the same place, the signal becomes much stronger. The DeMarker indicator (DeM) is an oscillator that relates recent price action to closing prices. As such, it’s used to identify overbought and oversold areas, giving you an idea about high risk and low-risk buying and selling areas.

The demarker Indicator assesses price movements’ strength and identifies potential reversal points. It compares the current closing price to the previous high and low prices to determine whether the market is overbought or oversold. The DeMarker Indicator offers valuable insights into the market’s momentum and potential trend reversals by quantifying the relationship between these price levels. Most oscillating indicators tend to be lagging, but as demonstrated, the DeM has a unique ability to predict reversals in market pricing behaviour. False positives can occur, but the odds can favour the trader when it is used in combination with other indicators.

Technical Analysis & Forecast August 4, 2023

It looks to confirm the underlying direction or trend of the market and to anticipate likely price trend reversals. It is known as an oscillator as the values fluctuate between fixed points on a scale. Unfortunately, I failed to find the TD Alignment in free access, so I had to write everything on my own.

Thus, the higher the value of DeMax relative to DeMin, the greater the value of the Demarker Indicator. It is not recommended to trade only on the signals of the DeMark indicator or use it as the base of a trading strategy. The confirmation from additional oscillators, trend instruments or candlestick analysis is necessary. The author created his own technical tools even before the era of the computer revolution − at that time analysts performed most of the calculations manually. If you had followed this simple DeMarker trading strategy, you could have netted two trades for roughly 150 pips apiece, for a total net gain of some 300 pips, an excellent result. The DeM indicator will not always yield such favourable outcomes, but this example illustrates the power of this tool when used in conjunction with other indicators.

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