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This type of employment has numerous advantages for the employees and employers. Hiring remote developers from Europe is not a piece of cake and it does require time, dedication, market knowledge, and familiarity with the local communities. However, it drives positive results and affects the company’s performance, productivity, morale, and budget beneficially. We hope this technical recruiting cheat sheet gives you the strong foundation you need to develop your tech hiring knowledge — and make your own resume even more impressive.

How do you recruit technical staff?

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Highlight your strength.
  3. Know what developers want.
  4. Use data. Research on competitors.
  5. Learn technical terms.
  6. Improve the interview process.
  7. Make them want to come to you.
  8. Choose the right sourcing channels. Linkedin.

Our company handles all the administration procedures, so you can concentrate on the matters relevant to work. We pay salaries to the specialists, provide them with a working place, and similar. Research the market, learn the main competitors and pay attention to the tech talent who will lead your company to a new level. How do you think about the future of talent acquisition—and gather the resources to future-proof your organization?

Hire slow

“A lot of people may think of DraftKings as this ’bro-y’, tech company, all these sports bros out there. We get that a lot, people may be shy from applying because they’re like, ‘I don’t love sports, how can I work there? First, Alexys, drawing from her own experience in tech recruitment, emphasizes Introduction To Devops And The Top 10 Tools Used In Devops Methodology on the importance of going beyond simple job advertising. When you’re recruiting, you need to be able to gauge how knowledgeable and adept a candidate is, and communicate freely with them. These are all questions you need to know the answer to; preferably, the candidate shouldn’t need to ask.

Recruiters can refer to their own experience and skills to confirm how qualified a prospective applicant is for the job. At this point, the technical recruiter will also check references by getting in touch with previous employers and colleagues or looking over past achievements in detail. Typically the team will conduct a series of technical and behavioral interviews to ensure the candidate will meet the hiring bar and be a positive addition to the team dynamic. It is not given the attention it deserves, which leads to driving away talented candidates. Take a look at this hackathon created by IPETRONIK using HackerEarth’s Hackathons to hire software developers. They must listen, build rapport, trust, credibility, and relationships, resolve conflicts and consult with people.

The Effective Hiring Manager

Some managers include not only the requirements needed for the job but their personal requirements, as well. Fluency in technical terminology does not entail that you need to learn programming languages yourself. You just need to cover the basics and acquire a cursory knowledge of the positions you’re looking to fill. Let’s say you’ve been tasked with finding a Java software engineer for your company. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to engage candidates for that position in lengthy discourse about databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle. Recruiting for high-end executives requires a special skill-set, and Executive Recruiting For Dummies is here to help you add this niche talent to your arsenal.

technical recruiting for dummies

There are plenty of pre-employment assessment test providers available in the market – HackerEarth, HackerRank, Codility, etc. Very simple, post a meme on a forum like LinkedIn with a question – Who is the best software developer you have worked with? As people start tagging their friends and colleagues, your gold mine just keeps growing.

Technical Recruiting: A Guide to Hiring Tech Talent (

By now, I’m sure you know that it’s more difficult than ever for software companies to find and hire developers and engineers who can stay on top of all the latest trends and technologies. Tech recruiting is all about sourcing technical talent for IT and technology-based roles. It involves finding technical talent from a sourcing pipeline to match the hiring manager’s requirements. Simply put, tech recruiting helps recruiters to attract tech talent, and recruit for roles—software developers, IT professionals, computer science professionals, data scientists, and engineers. The days of spending hours browsing job boards for technical candidates and using the same old excel sheet to keep track of candidates are long gone. The modern technical recruiter embraces all of the newest technologies to speed up the applicant search process and place quality candidates.

Knowing this, the bond between recruiting and employer brand is evident. The company’s identity and the way candidates describe their experience with it affect hiring long-term. Some recruitment tools serve to track the applicants’ progress, some for internal collaboration and management, and some are used while sourcing candidates. Companies should start exploring these tools by picking a fitting Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which has always represented a core technology for HR specialists. The recruitment and hiring processes should be built in such a way to include fewer interviews only with the most suitable candidates. Software developers and other tech specialists simply love to work remotely.

How we hire

That’s because software developers and engineers are consistently in demand. You decide how you will manage them and what tools will be used. You can invite them to your office or you might want to visit them in our office. The main advantage of technical recruiting platforms is that they help you to select the best candidates.

Essentially, however, the predominant role of a technical recruiter is to find talent for positions in IT and engineering. Technical recruiters need an in-depth understanding of the industry they are hiring for, whether on an in-house HR team or a staffing agency. The approach technical recruiters use to connect with software engineering candidates differs by the size of the company and resources available. Recruiters who specialize in technical recruiting don a special set of skills and understanding to source and close technical candidates. Their role keeps growing increasingly challenging because there is an ever-growing demand for technical talent while the available skilled-tech talent is scarce. Part of skillful technical recruitment is being able to effectively communicate with technical professionals and understand the technical roles you’re recruiting for.

Understand Your Industry

A full-stack developer performs both front-end and back-end functions and tends to specialize in a few specific technologies. They will usually have more general titles to reflect their broader skill set; if they aren’t referred to as a Full Stack Developer, then they’ll probably just be called a Software Engineer or Developer. Or use it as a guide for upskilling, learning what each of these programming languages, frameworks, and roles is all about. The only difference from an in-house team is that our specialists work remotely.

EliteBrains solves the problems of the traditional candidate sourcing channels (time-consuming, lack of qualified candidates, etc.) by offering pre-screened and vetted remote tech professionals. The initial step is to check their portfolio and other online channels to verify their technical skills and experience. The employer brand is constructed based on all touchpoints a company has with candidates and current employees.

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