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By assessing students, teachers are able to see if the goals of education are being met. Not only does effective assessment provide us with valuable information to support student growth, but it also enables critically reflective teaching . Assessment is the guiding force behind student growth because it allows students to see what they already know, and what they still need to learn. Students are able to see the achievements they have made, but also the areas that require more time and work. Assessments allow teachers to reflect on their teaching and determine if the methods, practices, and activities they chose are the most effective for their student population. Teachers are not aware of the resources available to them to help reach their students online, outside of school, or digitally.

using seesaw for assessment

Once the students have uploaded their assessment to Seesaw, you will be required to approve it before any other students or parents can view it. To determine which tool is right for you and your students, you need to first determine what you are trying to learning about them. If you are trying to assess reading skills, choosing the video feature would be best as you are able to see your students as they practice reading. You can also have students show pictures or graphs in the books they are reading. “Teach your students to record their own work from the beginning of the year. … I highly recommend selecting the option of the teacher reviewing work first before it gets posted to home (just in case!).” — Teacher Mrs. E.

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Not to mention, it’s good to have something tangible and some legit data to share with parents and while doing report cards. Students will discover the importance of assessing student work. Students will also explore the assessment tools provided by seesaw and when to use each one.

Seesaw is a popular app used by teachers (and their students!) for communication, collaboration and the aforementioned digital portfolio creation. The app has free and paid versions, allowing teachers to create activities, share announcements and communicate with students and parents in real time. If you only have a few devices and your students are sharingdevices, using Seesaw to give assessments will still work! The devices and assessment activities can be placed at a center, where students work through them in small groups.

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Not only that, but the platform allows for numerous ways to share and express each student’s learning. In this unit students will learn the importance of assessing students and choosing the correct tool to use as an assessment. Students will also learn about the the various assessments provided by Seesaw and how they can choose an appropriate one for their lesson. Students can use Seesaw for Schools to track the progress of their work in real-time. Using the Seesaw app, students can show what they know using various media, from photos and videos to drawings, text, links, and PDFs.

If students have the problems on paper in front of them they are able to complete them, and then take a picture to show their work. If students are using the provided write on feature , they can complete their work directly on the computer by “writing on” the provided template. Seesaw provides a wide range of assessments that can be used to demonstrate student learning. Give students a book that is at the right level or even easier for them to practise their fluency and expression. Students can find a quiet space to sit and record their voice as they read aloud to themselves, then play it back to self-correct their expression and fluency. Teachers can also use Seesaw to provide feedback to students by adding comments and annotations to their work or recording audio.

“No matter who is working with a student, they have examples of student work and use it to move students forward.”

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. A long plank balanced on a central fulcrum so that with a person riding on each end, one end goes up as the other goes down. Also called regionally dandle, dandle board, teedle board, teeter, teeterboard, teeter-totter, tilt1, tilting board. Teachers can browse work from the entire class or for a single student. Optionally, use folders to organize work by subject area project, or assessment standard. We’re here to make things as easy as possible for everyone in your school community.

using seesaw for assessment

Showing work samples during parent-teacher conferences is a good way to showcase a child’s progress, and Seesaw makes this easy! We advise setting the app up on a tablet before the conference, so you have it ready to share with parents. ‘Teach your students to record their own work from the beginning of the year. The student portfolio grows over time, allowing users to carry it through their academic career. This is a great way for other teachers to see how the student has progressed over time – even showing how they worked to get the final result.

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Students will also learn the educational impacts of using seesaw and the benefits it provides to teachers, students, and families. Intuitive tools that students of all ages and teachers of all comfort levels love. Teachers have the option to choose which tools they would like their students to use.

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An example would be students complete a writing piece and use the video feature to record themselves reading it to their classmates. Seesaw can also be a HUGE help during parent-teacher conferences. Instead of saying, “Yes, little Billy is doing great!” and smiling, I have EVIDENCE of little Billy’s thinking to share with parents through Seesaw.

The best student-driven digital portfolio

This is all on the Seesaw platform, meaning it can be seen and appraised by teachers and even shared with parents and guardians. Seesaw for Schools is a digital app-based platform that allows students, teachers, and parents or guardians to complete and share classroom work. As the company itself says, Seesaw is a platform for student engagement.

using seesaw for assessment

I can assign an Activity in Seesaw, or have students move through a center in which one of the centers is an assessment challenge. By using Seesaw, it captures that specific moment in time. Now I don’t have to sit one-on-one with every single student, because I can have them working simultaneously on assessment challenges, then I can revisit them at a later time! Teachers needed a way to connect with their students and support their learning needs, all through a computer. Seesaw is an app-based platform that allows students, teachers, and family members to complete and share classwork.

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